On To Medical Matters: Level 3  

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Duration: 10 day course

Cost for 2024: £1,750 with a deposit of £500 and £85 for your bandage kit. (See below.)

Cost for 2025: £2,000 with a deposit of £500. Cost of the bandage kit TBC.

Please note :  Your place will only be confirmed once the deposit has been received.




Entry Requirements:

Students must hold a valid Dr. Vodder School Level 1 or Level 2 Certificate.


This course advances the Level 2 practitioner to a level of skill where s/he can use MLD to treat specific pathologies – including Lymphoedema and Lipoedema – applying Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy (DLT). This is an intensive course and requires the student to develop their understanding of applying MLD in specific situations.


Level 3 is usually run in two 5-day segments with two days free between them. Theory lectures are given by a medical expert in the field of MLD and Lymphoedema. Specific sequences and various bandaging techniques are covered in the practical sessions. Measuring and fitting ‘made-to-measure’ and ‘off-the-shelf’ compression garments is covered in a special session.


You will need to purchase a bandage kit on the first day of your course – usually around £85. You can pay for this by bacs transfer before the course if you wish. The bandages are heavily subsidised by Haddenham Healthcare Ltd., to whom we are very grateful. You will be provided with a Theory and a separate Practical workbook for which you will find it useful to bring some coloured pencils/pens. All of this is quite bulky/heavy to take home again if you are travelling by public transport so be prepared! (See photo.)


There is one written theory exam, three practical exams on the tutor, two bandaging examinations and one combined exam, which covers technique and correct treatment protocols.


Successful students gain a certificate confirming their status as fully qualified Vodder Certified MLD Therapists with special training in DLT (Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy) accredited through the Dr Vodder-Akademie, Austria. A satisfactory skills review every two years is mandatory in order to retain the qualification.

All About Us

Dr Anne Williams is a lymphodema nurse and university lecturer who qualified as a Vodder MLD therapist in 1995. Anne has a background as a cancer and community nurse, and has extensive experience working in lymphoedema care and service development across NHS, palliative care and the voluntary care sectors. Anne ran a randomised controlled research study of MLD in women with breast cancer-related lymphoedema at the Royal Marsden Hospital, and has been involved with many research studies, including her own PhD research into Supported Self-care in Women with Lymphoedema. Anne helped establish the successful self-management course programme for people with lymphoedema at The Haven in Blantyre. She loves working as a self-management group facilitator, and believes that the group approach complements our work in providing MLD and other therapies on an individual basis to people with lymphoedema. Anne is also a Trustee of Talk Lipoedema.

Cancellations and deposits: Should you wish to book early for a  Level 3 course and either fail the previous course or decide that that’s as far as you wish to go,  you will be entitled to your deposit back less £150 administration charge as long as you contact us with-in 7 days ( including any weekend and/or holidays ) of the last day of your previous course. Otherwise all deposits are considered non refundable.

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