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Level 3 Review Course –  Session One , March 8 & 9  Session 2, March 10 & 11, 2025 –   Go to the review courses page for more detail and the application form.

We’ve dumped the telephone! Get in touch with us by email – [email protected].


The Level 1 THEORY element of your Level 1 course is available on an E-learning platform which you can access whenever and where ever you wish!   This Theory element must be successfully completed before you attend the Level 1 Practical element.

These E-learning lectures have been designed by the Medical Doctors of the Dr. Vodder Akademie (Austria) as an easy to follow, on-line power point slide show and lectures. It is estimated that the average time required to complete the lecture series is around 30 to 45 hours. Some may complete it more quickly and others may wish to take more time. You will be able to watch and listen to each lecture as often as you wish.

As soon as your application, signed agreement to our Terms and Conditions and deposit have been received we will send you an unique access code also called a ‘coupon’ which gives you access to the online theory lectures.   The cost of this code is included in your deposit.   Next you need to go to   Once there you will be asked to set up a user account with a user name and a password.   When you have done that you need to enter your unique access code to make the lectures available.   Each code is case sensitive, unique to each student, can only be used once and cannot be used by anyone else – so enter it very carefully.   After you have completed the lecture series – and when you are ready – you can access the Level 1 ‘test’ exam.   This ‘test’ has only a few questions and is there just so that you can practise the mechanics of taking the online exam.

When you feel confident with this, you can proceed to the exam (Examine) which is multiple choice and you will be given 50 minutes to complete it.  Bear in mind that the timer is run by a computer and it is not designed for tea-breaks!   You are allowed two attempts to pass the theory exam and the pass mark is 70%.   If you should fail both, then – as a last resort -you will have a third attempt on a paper exam on day 1 of your Level 1 Practical course, provided you have paid the full fees.    Should you fail this paper exam then you have failed the course and must leave.   There will be no refund of course fees for those who fail the Theory exam three times.    Please be aware that the theory exam has been failed by physio’s, nurses and massage therapists who didn’t put in enough time on their studies.

If you have a visual disability please contact the office by email to discuss your special needs.

On the first day of your Level 1 PRACTICAL course we will give you a second code which allows you access to the demonstration film which shows you all of the routines which we will be doing during this element.   This will be invaluable to you after the course to practice and help you to remember the routines.   Please note:  you will need to bring a laptop or other device with you so that you can access this on-line information during the rest of the course.