Getting Started

Manual Lymph Drainage, Dr. Vodder Method.

Courses are held in Lymington, Hampshire. All students must complete Level 1 before going on to Level 2 or Level 3.  Level 2 is an exam course and certifies you to work on people with an intact lymph system. Level 3 concentrates on patients with a non-functioning lymph system.

Recent comments from our students: “My brain hurt everyday but I can honestly say it was the best thing I’ve ever done.”  “Your patience and expertise went beyond words. I can’t wait for the next level!” “I’ve been out of my comfort zone. It’s been tough but I wouldn’t change it! I’ve really enjoyed the course.”  “Thank you so much. Your tough love makes me want to do better!”  “I didn’t know what to expect and I found myself in a brave sea of knowledge, experience and kindness. You are brilliant!”  “Thanks for everything. Your knowledge & sense of humour has made this very tough course easier.” 

Entry Requirements:

In order to enrol on a Level 1 course in the Original Dr. Vodder Method we need to receive your application form, deposit,  the signed agreement to our Terms & Conditions and you need to provide evidence of pre-existing levels of relevant training and experience as detailed below. Anything less is considered to be insufficient in preparing the prospective student for the rigours of Dr. Vodder’s MLD training and subsequent clinical practise.

The Directors of the Dr. Vodder Academy International stipulate the following minimum standards to enrol on the Level 1 (Foundation) course :


Those people with a medical background such as doctor, nurse, chiropractor, osteopath or physiotherapist are acceptable.   Countries with a state registered massage therapist occupation (requiring a minimum of 2,200 hours of training) are included in this category.

Evidence of your qualification and/or medical registration number need to be submitted with your completed application.   Photocopies/scans are acceptable.




People with other massage therapist training and qualifications need a minimum of 344 hours training and exam success.

The practical (hands-on) element  must have been in the class room or supervised for a minimum of 250 hours.  If home study and/or case histories formed part of the course these must have been documented and submitted for assessment by the course provider.  The exams must have been taken in person and passed.

The theory elements (anatomy, physiology & pathology) must be for a minimum duration of 94 hours and may be in the class room or home study (including on-line).  The exams must have been taken in person (and if on-line, at a supervised examination centre) and passed.

Proof of your qualifications and/or medical registration number need to be submitted with your completed application form. Photocopies and/or scans are acceptable.  If you no longer have the details your course provider/s may be able to supply you with a copy or letter of confirmation.  MLD Training is unable to carry out enquiries or research on your behalf.

If you are not sure whether your existing qualifications meet the requirements then you will need to contact your previous course provider for clarification of the number of hours you have done.

Course Materials

Two Workbooks are provided free of charge for Level 3 of MLD Training.      You will need a selection of coloured pens/pencils for this!

Textbooks you will need for Theory and Practical are as follows (and are available from Amazon or good bookshops):

Level 1 & 2 Courses:


  • Dr. Vodder’s Manual Lymph Drainage: A Practical Guide by H D A & M Wittlinger, ISBN: 978-3-13-2411449

Level 3 course:


  • Bandage Kit : there is a charge for this – t.b.a. -which will be payable and available on the 1st day of the course.


  • Lymphedema Diagnosis and Therapy by Weissleder & Schuchhardt, ISBN: 3-934371-24-8 or 3-934371-36-1