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Full Training in MANUAL LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE, Dr Vodder Method

Basic and Therapy I
In two five day modules

Therapies II and III
In one eleven/twelve day course

Reviews & Workshops
One, two and three days

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialised technique which works with the elasticity of the skin to stimulate the muscles of the lymph system just under the skin. It is one of the most deeply relaxing therapies available as it works directly on the nervous system. It increases the absorption of excess fluid and metabolic waste products rendering it highly effective in the treatment of conditions such as migraine, lymphoedema, lipoedema, sinusitis and wounds (including third degree burns). MLD can relieve pressure from fluids accumulating in any tissue in the body (eg in pregnancy) and can decrease inflammation, assisting with problems such as rheumatic diseases, sprains and traumatic and post-operative reactions. The technique can also be used to soften and normalise scars and stretch marks.


5 Days

Entry Requirements: Students must show proof of previous qualification(s), one of which must include a course in general anatomy and physiology. Students also need to have had at least a year's experience with patients/clients. Most students have a background such as nursing, physiotherapy, massage or occupational therapy.

Aims : To provide each student with

  1. An overview of the lymphatic system with specific references to the application of MLD.
  2. Enough practical skills to start learning how to do MLD in a variety of situations.

Method : Each of the five days is divided into theoretical lectures, practical demonstration and practice sessions.

Certification : When the course is completed, each student is issued with a certificate of attendance. The certificate gains the student entry to any Therapy 1 course held in the UK or elsewhere. This is not an exam course and students are not yet certified to work on the general public.

Course Dates Locations
16 - 20 February 2015 Hampshire
11 - 15 May 2015 London
26 - 30 October 2015 Hampshire


5 Days

Entry Requirements : Students must have completed a Dr Vodder Method Basic course with an accredited Dr. Vodder-Schule Teacher.

Aims : To help each student develop the manual skills and theoretical understanding of MLD to a level where s/he can work on the general public.

Examinations : Exams are held on the final day. There are two theoretical and five practical exams.

Certification : Successful completion of the course earns the student a certificate issued with the authority of the Dr Vodder-Schule, Austria. This allows the Therapy 1 level therapist to work on the general public for minor conditions.

Course Dates Locations
16 - 20 June 2014 London
13 - 17 April 2015 Hampshire
29 June - 3 July 2015 London


10 day course

Entry Requirements : Students must hold a valid Therapy 1 Certificate.

Aims : This course advances the Therapy 1 practitioner to a level of skill where s/he can use MLD to treat specific pathologies.

Examinations : There is one written theory exam, three practical and two bandaging examinations and one combined exam, which covers technique and correct treatment protocols.

Certification : Successful students gain a certificate confirming their status as fully qualified Dr. Vodder Method MLD Therapists with special training in DLT (Decongestive Lymphatic Therapy) accredited through the Dr Vodder-Schule, Austria. A satisfactory skills review every two years is mandatory in order to retain the qualification.

Course Dates Locations
1 - 14 August 2015 Brockenhurst College, Hampshire

MLD Training Review days :

3-day review/refresher courses are held at least twice yearly in Lymington and London for qualified therapists. They can be used to re-certify therapists at Basic or Therapy 1 level or as practice sessions for anyone above those levels.

Topic Content
First Day Covers all the basic moves in fine detail, some of the Basic routines and theory questions you may have.
Second Day Covers all the extra movements taught in Therapy 1 and anything not completed on Basic Day. You need a copy of your Therapy 1 or Therapy II & III certificate to book for this one.
Therapy II & III Workshop & Bandaging Day Getting stale in your bandaging or haven't done any for a while? Then this is for you. Bandaging updates, new ideas and materials plus the chance to perfect the basics. You must bring your bandages with you and supply a copy of your Therapy II & III certificate.
Course Name Course Dates Locations
Basic 21 July, 2015 London
Therapy I 21 - 22 July, 2015 London
Therapy II & III workshops - Including Advanced Bandaging 23 July, 2015 London


Non-Residential Basic, Therapies I, II and II Courses are held in Brockenhurts, (Hampshire). Non-residential Basic, and Therapy I Courses are also offered in Ealing (London W5). Reviews/Workshops are held in Lymington (Hamshire) and London

Course Tutors:

All Courses are taught by Dee Jones, Senior Vodder teacher and MLD/Lymphoedema Specialist. Therapies II and III are also taught by Dee, together with Dr. M. Wohlgennant, Public Health Specialist, Lymphologist and previous Medical Director of the Dr Vodder Clinic, Austria.

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